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Aircraft Maintenance
Jewell Aviation performs any task pertaining to general aviation aircraft maintenance.
Shop Rate as of January 2018: $85.00 per hour
Annual Inspections
Single Engine two place airplanes 600.00
Single Engine four place airplanes 700.00
Single engine four place complex 850.00
Single Engine six place airplanes 900.00
Single Engine four place retractable gear 900.00
Single Engine six place retractable gear 975.00
Small twin – Seneca, Apache, etc. 1200.00
Medium twin – baron, Cessna 310, etc 1600.00
Cabin class twin 2500.00
Small Ag Plane – Ag Truck 1450.00
Large Ag Plane – Ag Cat, Thrush, Air Tractor 1800.00
Note: The price for an annual inspection does not include research and compiling of AD lists or any inspection or repair of spray systems other than attachment and installation.
Jewell Aviation, Inc Maintenance Policy
Jewell Aviation has been in the aircraft maintenance business since 1975. Aircraft maintenance has always been and will continue to be our main business. We have always prided ourselves in having the best quality maintenance and most reasonable prices in the entire area. We have an I.A. and over 33 years experience in general aviation maintenance and pride ourselves on doing maintenance on all types of aircraft. The following is a summary of how we conduct business and our cost.

Our normal procedure for inspection is to generate a list of discrepancies when the inspection is completed. We then contact the customer and discuss what must to be accomplished in order to complete the annual inspection. This is our normal procedure unless the customer tells us in advance not to call him and to do whatever it takes to annual the aircraft.

Our labor rate is $75.00 per hour. Our overtime rate is $85.00 per hour. Our "Away From Shop" rate is $90.00 per hour, including travel time. "After Hours" work is available, but we must have your approval for overtime prior to the actual overtime. Our normal working hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Monday through Friday.

We do not allow customers to supply their own parts. Exceptions can be made, but not without prior approval. Any parts that we order which are over $1000.00 must be paid in advance due to C.O.D. shipping methods used by the majority of our aircraft parts suppliers.

We must receive payment when the aircraft is completed and picked up. The only exception involves arrangements made prior to the pick up date. All log books and paperwork will be kept until the work order is paid. We do accept most credit cards

We look forward to serving you in the future. Thank you for considering Jewell Aviation for your aircraft maintenance needs.

January 9, 2014

Sam Jewell, President
Jewell Aviation, Inc

Parts Deposit Policy
Our standard policy is to get the engine into the shop and perform a tear down and inspection. At that point we make a complete parts list and advise the customer of the cost. We then order the parts and notify the customer of the C.O.D. parts amount. This way the parts payment and parts arrive at the same time. Some customers may want the parts sent directly to them C.O.D., this is acceptable to us with the understanding that we make 10% from our parts sales therefore, we would need to charge 10% above the C.O.D. charge.

We accept MasterCard, Visa, AMEX, and Discover. There is a 3% service charge for all credit card transactions.

The labor for the overhaul will be due when the aircraft is delivered or picked up. We perform an engine break-in free of charge. The owner is expected to pay for the fuel used during the break-in period.
Warranty Policy
We at Jewell Aviation have a policy of 100-hour warranties or one year whichever occurs first, on parts and labor for any defect in workmanship on engine majors. This warranty is to be accomplished by us in our shop when at all possible. Any work done without prior authorization voids our warranty. In the event that the engine cannot be brought to us, we reserve the right to come to the aircraft and make necessary repairs or corrections. For engines that are not installed by us, proof of the installing Tach or Hobbs time must be provided.

Jewell Aviation cannot be responsible for any problem with the engine caused by an item or items such as accessories, which were not overhauled or replaced at the time of overhaul as per the customer's request nor items or parts supplied by the customer. Items overhauled by anyone other than Jewell Aviation or assemblies such as cylinders, starter clutches, etc… are not covered under our warranty, those claims should be made directly to the facility which did the manufacturing, overhaul or repair.

In the event of an improper break in or for some reason the rings do not seat properly, Jewell Aviation will furnish the labor to correct the problem, but the owner will be responsible for all parts. In the event that the owner chooses not to bring the aircraft back to us to correct the problem, Jewell Aviation allows a maximum of three hours per cylinder for removal and installation; however, this needs to be approved by Jewell Aviation before removal of the cylinders. Any cylinders removed from the aircraft must be returned to Jewell Aviation for inspection prior to any work being done on the cylinders. As mentioned in the above, we reserve the right to come to the aircraft or to fly the aircraft to our facility providing the aircraft is still airworthy.

All engines must use non-detergent oil for the first 100 hours of operation and oil changes must be at 25-hour intervals for the first 100 hours. Due to the manufacturer's recommendation for parts, no auto fuel is to be used for the first 100 hours of operation. First oil change must be performed before 25 hours TIS after overhaul or warranty is void.

Jewell Aviation will not be responsible for any down time or loss of revenue while repairs or adjustments are being made.

Sam Jewell, President
Jewell Aviation Inc.

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